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Chapman students attend L.A. Kings Career Night and game

December 2, 2011

by Sarah Van Zanten ’11

Monica Shukla ’06, ’08 , a career relations specialist with Chapman University’s Career Development Center, took 15 Chapman students to the L.A. Kings Career Night and game Thursday, Dec. 1, at the Staples Center.

Officials for the Kings hockey team — announcer Jim Fox, Jonathan Lowe, vice president of marketing, and Jeff Moeller,  senior director of communications — met with the students and spoke about what it takes to succeed in the sports industry.

“There are three things I want you to take away from tonight,” said Fox.  “One, you need a time management system. Two,  when you are criticized, the first question you should ask yourself is, ‘Is he or she right?’ And three, be unique.”

Justin Guarez ’12 attended the event as the president and co-founder of Chapman Sports Entertainment, a new student club.  Six members of the club attended the event and game.

“I think what Jim said is completely true,” said Guarez.  “Events like these help us learn how to get our foot in the door and network in our desired industry.”

Chapman student and L.A. Kings intern Kendall Byrer ’13 also took a minute to speak with fellow students.

“It was because I attended this event last year that I am an intern here today,” Byrer said.  “Jim Fox told us to always have a resume on us (especially at an event like this).  When I saw him a month later I handed him my resume.  Not long after, I received a phone call and an internship.”

Fox’s last words of advice: “Get as many internships as possible. Once you get your foot in the door there are endless possibilities.”

The night ended with a 2-1 Kings win over the Florida Panthers.

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