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Honoring the “150 Faces of Chapman University”

November 23, 2011

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It was a night to honor a distinguished group of people who have meant so much to Chapman University over the years, from founders and benefactors to faculty, alumni, students, administrators and friends.  The “150 Faces of Chapman University” reception and recognition event, held on Nov. 22 in the Bush Conference Center, Beckman Hall 404, was a huge success — from the number of honorees and friends who packed the room to capacity to the smiles and expressions of gratitude on everyone’s faces.  “150 Faces” was one of the culminating official anniversary events in a university year full of 150th Anniversary festivities, and it served to draw the celebratory year to a warm and wonderful close.   (Yes, there are a few events still left in the anniversary year, but this was the final large one planned especially as a 150th event.)

The nominating process for “150 Faces” was open through most of this preceding year, with all members of the Chapman community able to nominate any person they considered important and essential in the university’s history, upward trajectory and daily life.  More than 300 people were nominated, and a blue-ribbon appointed committee made the final selection of the 150 chosen honorees: as it turned out, 149 people and one panther (because you have to admit, Pete the Panther is an important “Face of Chapman”!).  Here are the distinguished honorees — congratulations to all!! 

Dr. Esmael Adibi ʼ77

Dr. Yakir Aharonov

Doug Aiken ʼ00 (M.A. ʼ09)

John Alexander ʼ71

Zee Allred

Dr. Paul Apodaca

Julianne and The Honorable George L. Argyros ʼ59

Emmett Ashford ʼ45

Donna Ford Attallah ʼ61

Dean Charlene Baldwin

Stephanie Baldwin ʼ01 (M.A. ʼ04)

Kelsea Ballantyne ʼ07

Dr. Matthew Barcellona ʼ99

Betty Bartley

Dean Bob Bassett

Michel Bell ʼ68

Drs. Alice and Kurt Bergel

James Blaylock

Zach Bloomfield ʼ07

Dr. H. Ben Bohren, Jr.

Mike Bokosky

Dr. Donald Booth

Sheryl Bourgeois

Tom Bradac

Dr. Arthur Braden

Chancellor Gary Brahm

The Brandman Foundation

Dr. Fred Caporaso

Dean Donald Cardinal

Phillip Case

Charles C. Chapman

Irvin “Ernie” Chapman ʼ33

Joan Mt. Pleasant and C. Stanley Chapman, Jr.

Dr. Scott Chapman

The 2003 Chapman University Baseball Team

The 2010-2011 Chapman University Student Advertising/Marketing Team

Dr. Cecil Cheverton

The Reverend M. Clifford Cole, Jr. ʼ57

The Reverend Myron Cole ʼ31

Heidi Cortese Sherman

The Donna and John Crean Family

Donna Cucunato

Dr. William L. Cumiford ʼ63

Paul S. Delp ʼ28

Cecilia DeMille Presley

The Reverend Don DeWeese ʼ98

Kristina and Larry Dodge

Dick Doetkott

President James L. Doti

Dr. Lynne Doti

Michael Drummy ʼ73

Jack Duddy ʼ42

Patricia ʼ60 (M.A. ʼ74) and Tom Elliott ʼ60

Robert A. Elliott

Jim Farley

Dr. Paul Frizler

Donna and Dallas Gladson ʼ37

Barry Goldfarb

Dr. William Hall

Bob Hamblin ʼ59, (M.A. ʼ66)

Dr. Marilyn Harran

Maria Harris

Dee and Doy Henley

Patricia Hitt

William K. Hood

Betty Hutton Williams

The Reverend Wilder V. Immel ʼ28

Sharon (Becker) ʼ01 and Donald Jarman ʼ50

Jonathan Johnson ʼ10

Carol Jue

Dean Menas Kafatos

Dr. Fred Kakis

Sinan Kanatsiz ʼ97 (M.A. ʼ00)

Vaughan Kelley ʼ62

Henry Kemp-Blair ʼ51

Dorothy and Donald P. Kennedy

Marion Knott

Travis Knox ʼ93

Professor John Koshak

Dr. Shari Kuchenbecker

Shirley Lapier ʼ55

Erin J. Lastinger ʼ88

The Leatherby Family: Eleanor, Ralph, Joann and Russ

Dr. Lloyd S. Lewan (M.A. ʼ67)

Elizabeth Lewis ʼ11

Joy and Tom Lewis

Norma and Robert Lineberger

Janet Lloyd

Dr. Tibor Machan

Dr. Mark Maier

Rueben Martinez

Dale Merrill

Dr. Marvin Meyer

Professor Jim Miller

Dr. Barbara Mulch

Marybelle and S. Paul Musco

Mary and Peter Muth

Colleen OʼHarra, Esq. ʼ59

Dr. Jan Osborn

Libby and Edgar Pankey

Pete the Panther

Barbara ʼ64 and Bill Parker ʼ52

Michael Pelly ʼ96

Don Perkins

Gloria ʼ40 and Julian Peterson ʼ41

Dr. Richard Pitts ʼ70

Dr. Anuradha Prakash

Helga and Robert Pralle

Dr. Jerry Price

Philip Quigley ʼ12

Dr. George Reeves ʼ27

Ian Reitz ʼ04

Dr. Karl Reitz

Adam Riffe ʼ95

Thomas Robichaux (J.D. ʼ99)

Veston Rowe

The Honorable Loretta Sanchez ʼ82

Mary Lou ʼ48 and Dr. Dennis Savage

The Walter Schmid Family

Valerie and John Scudder

Dr. Patricia See

Peter Sepenuk ʼ92

Dr. Charles Severns ʼ31

Katee Shean

The Reverend Dennis Short ʼ64 (M.A. ʼ85)

Dr. G.T. “Buck” Smith

Monte Smith

Tilden Smith ʼ12

Dr. Vernon L. Smith

Deedee and Donald E. Sodaro

Chancellor Daniele C. Struppa

Tom Tereschuk

Dr. Stephen Thorne ʼ94

Professor Ron Thronson

Professor Richard Turner

Drs. Barbara and Ken Tye

Charles Vickery

Daniel A. Wachs

Dr. Jeanne Walker ʼ81

The Wallace Family: Pauline, Ray and Ann Wallace Fisher ʼ64

Dr. Richard Watson

Beverly ʼ50 and David Weatherill ʼ51 (M.A. ʼ66)

Dr. Elie Wiesel

The Wilkinson Family: J.E., Nadine ʼ44, Harmon ʼ35 and Karen ʼ69

Dr. Don Will

Dr. Bert C. Williams ʼ35

Dr. Parham J. Williams, Jr.

Netter Worthington ʼ55

Dr. Myron D. Yeager

Robert Zamora ʼ68

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Sheri permalink
    November 28, 2011 11:04 am

    So many great faces! Happy to see the names on the list.

  2. December 1, 2011 4:36 pm

    THIS WAS THE FEEL-GOOD EVENT OF THE YEAR!!! I loved that there was such a wide-range of people recognized for having impact – faculty, students, alumni, parents, administrators, trustees, community members and many more. The program was warm, embracing and filled with positive energy.

  3. December 2, 2011 1:20 pm

    We counted noses–at least 37 individuals/couples/families have ties to Chapman through the founding denomination, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and our partner, the United Church of Christ. Our ties back to 1861 are deep!

  4. Douglas O. Corpron MD permalink
    December 6, 2011 1:32 pm

    Douglas Corpron MD–’50——-
    This was indeed an important event for Chapman University. It seems this remembering our history,roots and values deepens our commitments and gives thanks to the many whose deep commitment to Chapman University have made a difference. I am most pleased with the selection of Dr. Dennis and Mary Lou Savage, Dave and Beverly Weatherill and Don and Saron Jarman to represent my generation of Chapmanites. Congratulations to them and all the others. You have indeed made a difference!!

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