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Dr. Meyer to be a featured expert on ‘Primetime Nightline’

June 24, 2011
Marv Meyer, Ph.D.

Marv Meyer, Ph.D.

Marvin Meyer, Ph.D., Griset Chair in Bible and Christian Studies, is a featured expert on an upcoming episode of ABC News’ Primetime Nightline that explores reported apparitions of the Virgin Mary. The show is scheduled to air at 10 p.m. Wednesday, July 6.

Dr. Meyer was tapped to offer scholarly insights and help the Nightline team and host Bill Weir examine the tradition of apparitions of the Virgin Mary around the world, in a show prompted by the Catholic Church’s recent decree that an 1859 Marian apparition in a small Wisconsin town is authentic.  The show travels to the Marian shrine in Champion, Wis., as well as Medjugorje, Bosnia and other apparition sites.  Dr. Meyer says he appears as “the voice of reason” in the program.

The episode is one of five installments in Primetime Nightline’s “Beyond Belief” summer series, which begin airing Wednesday, June 22, and continues on four subsequent Wednesdays. The show’s producers taped Dr. Meyer in the Leatherby Libraries and on the Chapman University campus.

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