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Book on over to Leatherby Libraries for summer reading

May 31, 2011

Punny sticky notes and finger puppets await eager readers.

Read a book, write a mini-review, win a prize. How easy is that? But wait, there’s more!

The more you read, the better the prizes get in Leatherby Libraries’ Fifth Annual Community of Readers, an online summer reading program. Just one book earns you a tote bag and bookmark, but keep going and pretty soon you’ll earn a spiffy literary finger puppet, coffee mug and the opportunity to dip into something mysteriously called “the library’s secret stash.”

This is the fifth summer for Community of Readers, but if it’s new to you here’s how it works. Check out a book from Leatherby, read it and submit a two- to three-sentence review to the Community of Readers website and you win a tote bag and bookmark of your choice and are automatically entered in the summer’s-end special drawing. Three reviews get you a coffee mug or puppet and on and on. Overachievers who submit 7 reviews can look forward to getting into the aforementioned “secret stash.”

Books must be read and reviews submitted by July 21. The program is open to staff, students, faculty and alumni. So start reading. The first reviews have already been posted.

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