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Professors Piper, McCarter, Estes receive top awards at faculty convocation

May 17, 2011

Chapman University’s elite Wang-Fradkin Professorships were awarded to professors from the Argyros School of Business and Economics and the Schmid College of Science at the Sixteenth Annual Chapman University Faculty Honors Convocation held Friday in Bush Conference Center. In addition, a new teaching award was also  introduced at the convocation.

Receiving the senior Wang-Fradkin Professorship was Walter Piper, Ph.D., professor of biological sciences. The junior Wang-Fradkin Professorship went to Matthew McCarter, Ph.D., professor of management.

The professorships are two-year monetary awards to further teaching and scholarship. They were founded in memory of Hua-Cheng Wang, professor of political science, diplomat, and expert on international law; and Cheng-Mei Fradkin, distinguished teacher, scholar and administrator.

The inaugural Outstanding Teaching Professorship was awarded to Leland Estes, Ph.D., associate professor of history. This professorship award honors outstanding faculty who have shown exceptional merit in teaching. It is the university’s highest recognition for teaching. Next year the university plans to award a junior and senior Outstanding Teaching Professorship.

The Valerie Scudder Award recognizes outstanding achievement in teaching, scholarship, advising and/or service. 2011 recipients are:

  • Ross Brown, assistant professor of film and media arts
  • Jason K. Keller, Ph.D., assistant professor of biological sciences
  • Alison McKenzie, Ph.D., professor of physical therapy
  • Lilia Monzo, Ph.D., assistant professor of education

The Pedagogical Innovation Award recognizes faculty members for innovative work that advances Chapman’s aim to provide students with a personalized education of distinction that leads to inquiring, ethical and productive lives as global citizens. Recipients:

  • Dr. Jan Osborn, assistant professor of English
  • Dr. Bart Wilson, professor of economics and Law

The Teaching Mentors Award recognizes outstanding faculty members as teaching mentors and supports their efforts to promote excellent teaching and learning. Recipients:

  • Dr. Lee Estes, associate professor of history
  • Ms. Mildred Lewis, assistant professor of English
  • Dr. Mark Maier, associate professor of leadership studies and sociology
  • Dr. Jennifer Waldeck, assistant professor of communication studies

The Co-Teaching Competition Award recognizes winners of successful proposals for co-taught classes of an innovative and interdisciplinary nature. Two classes are selected annually to be taught during the upcoming academic year. Recipients:

  • Paul Gulino, associate professor of film and media arts, and Dr. Connie Shears, assistant professor of English, for their course, Cinema and the Brain.
  • Elizabeth Maxwell, assistant professor of dance, and Nicholas Terry, assistant professor of music, for their course, The Collaborative Spirit: Music and Dance.

The award for Curriculum Innovation in Sustainability Education recognizes outstanding efforts to advance sustainability in and beyond the classroom. Recipients:

  • Deepa Badrinarayana, Ph.D., assistant professor of law, who has developed courses on climate change governance and corporate social responsibility for the law school and a course on sustainable development for the M.A. in International Studies.
  • Jason Keller, Ph.D., assistant professor of biological sciences, who has made innovations in the Introduction to Environmental Science course that have introduced student-centered research projects into a lecture-based course.

Awards of Excellence recipients:

Excellence in Teaching: Scott Arundale, assistant professor of film and media arts; Robert L. Becker, assistant professor of music; Keith E. Howard, Ph.D., assistant professor of education; and William Wright, Ph.D., associate professor of biological sciences.

Excellence in Scholarly/Creative Activity: Hesham El-Askary, Ph.D., assistant professor of earth system science and remote sensing; and Brennan Peterson, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology.

Excellence in Service: Dr. Jim Brown, professor of education; and Barbara Doyle, assistant professor of film production.

Tenure and promotion to rank of full professor was announced for:

John Hall, Ph.D., professor of law, Ernesto Hernandez, professor of law; and Donald Kochan professor of law.

Tenure and promotion to rank of associate professor was announced for:

James Blaylock, associate professor of English; Victoria Carty; Ph.D., associate professor of sociology; Hesham El-Askary, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Earth System Science and Remote Sensing; Kenneth Stahl, associate professor of law; and Kimberly White-Smith, Ph.D., associate professor of education.

Promotions were announced for: Deepa Badrinarayana, Ph.D., to associate professor of law; Wenshan Jia, Ph.D. to full professor of communication studies; Bernard (Barney) McGrane, Ph.D., to full professor of sociology; and Angela Tumini, Ph.D., to associate professor of Italian studies.

Emeriti recipients: Ron Scott, Ph.D., professor emeritus of psychology; Donna Cucunato, associate professor emerita of physical education.

Receiving Personalized Education Teaching Grants: 

Dr. Douglas Dechow, sciences librarian and associate librarian

Dr. Brian Glaser, assistant professor of English

Dr. Keith Howard, assistant professor of education

Dr. Liliana Leopardi, assistant professor of art

Liz Maxwell, assistant professor of dance

Dr. Drew Moshier, professor of computer science

Michael Nehring, professor of theatre

Doug Sweet, instructor of English composition

Tamiko Washington, associate professor of theatre

Receiving Scholarly/Creative Grants:

Stephen Berens, assistant professor of art

Dr. Jacklyn Brechter, associate professor of physical therapy

Dr. Emily Carman, assistant professor of film and media Arts

Dr. Catherine Clark, professor of physical chemistry, and Dr. Jason Keller, assistant professor of
       biological sciences

Meghan Cosier, instructor of education

Dr. Warren de Bruyn, associate professor of chemistry

Dr. Grace Fong, assistant professor of music

Dr. Jennifer Funk, assistant professor of biological sciences

Dr. Michael Griffin, professor of chemistry

Dr. Michael Hass, professor of education

Dr. Nubar Hovsepian, associate professor of political science

Dr. Angeliki Kanavou, assistant professor of political science and peace studies

Dr. Christopher Kim, Associate Professor of Physical Sciences

Ms. Robin Kish, Assistant Professor of Dance

Dr. Anna Leahy, Associate Professor of English

Dr. Rei Magosaki, Assistant Professor of English

Dr. Judy Montgomery, Professor of Education

Dr. Lilia Monzo, Assistant Professor of Education

Dr. Tatiana Prytkova, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Lisa Sparks, Professor of Health Communication

Dr. Ken Sumida, Professor of Biological Sciences

Dr. Louise Thomas, Associate Professor of Music

Dr. Angela Tumini, Assistant Professor of Italian Studies

Dr. Lilian Were, Associate Professor of Physical Sciences

Dr. Tekle Woldemikael, Professor of Sociology

Several other faculty received service anniversary awards at the Honors Convocation, including:

40  Years

Virginia Carson

Lynne Doti

35 Years

Michael Martin

Steven Schandler

30 Years

Bob Bassett

Arthur Blaser

John Flowers

Virginia Warren

25 Years

Richard Ferncase

Luis Ortiz-Franco

20 Years

Susan Paterno

Suzanne SooHoo

15 Years

Denis Binder

Scott Browne

Frank Doti

Scott Howe

Nick Larsen

Noel Murray

Daniel Pavelin

Nancy Schultz

Daniel Wellman

10 Years

Michael Kowalski

Atanas Radenski

Adam Rote

Louise Thomas

Paul Wolansky

Five years

Alexander Bay

John Benitz

Ross Brown

Victoria Carty

Christie Cesar

Hsin-Hui Chiu

Marisa Cianciarulo

Bobby Dexter

Marybeth Grant-Beuttler

Jeffrey Holmes

Robin Kish

Elizabeth Maxwell

Par Myhr

Richard Ruppel

Charu Sinha

Lisa Sparks

Demetris Trokkos

Justine Van Meter

Daniel Wachs

Tekle Woldemikael

Kathy Zebrowski

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