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Dance students land winning research

April 29, 2011

Several of Chapman University’s dance students have been especially busy this spring, beginning with Jacque Price ’11 and Beth Nicks ’11, whose study Sleep patterns in collegiate dancers was cited in the March 2011 issue of Dancing Times in an article written by Rachel Rist titled Dance Medicine at Birmingham.

In addition, the studies Dance teaching certifications: why teachers choose specific certification programs or none at all by Jordan Krinke ’12 and Changing the dance culture: educating collegiate dancers regarding benefits of effective warm-up and cool-down by Monica Mordaunt ’12 were accepted through blinded review to the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS) conference in October 2011 in Washington, D.C.  Athletic training major Bridget Thompson ’11 was also accepted for her study Are certified athletic trainers integrated into university and city college dance programs?

Furthermore, for the 29th annual Medical Problems of Performing Artists symposium of the Performing Arts Medicine Association (PAMA), a study by Rena Nishijima ’12 titled Genu varum and genu valgum among Asian dancers in comparison to non-Asian dancers and a study by Whitney Kofford ’12 titled A comparison of healthy eating knowledge and habits among college dance and music majors were both selected.

All of these students have been mentored by Robin Kish, assistant professor, Department of Dance, College of Performing Arts, who was also accepted to IADMS to present her study Potential for noise induced hearing loss in dancers as well as a study with Gary Galbraith, an MFA from Case Western Reserve and the Dancer Wellness Project, titled A model for dance exposure data usage collected through an email based exposure tracking system.  She will also be presenting on a panel discussion focused on the future of arts medicine at the PAMA conference.

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