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India’s sitar superstar Roop Verma to appear at Chapman twice; screens Dalai Lama film

April 28, 2011
Roop Verma

Can’t make it to see the Dalai Lama during his appearance in OC?   Assuage your soul with another excellent event:  Roop Verma, one of the true superstars of Indian music today, will be making a rare appearance at Chapman tomorrow (Friday, April 29) and Monday.

The world-renowned sitar virtuoso – a brilliant concert performer, teacher and composer—will offer a talk and performance Friday morning, April 29, at 9:30 a.m. in Argyros Forum 209C.  In this event, “Energy and You,” Verma will ponder various forms of “energy’ and explore a deeper understanding of energy as a process of ‘self inquiry.’ Some forms of energy are familiar to us: solar, wind, water, fossil fuel and gas. Verma will discuss additional forms of energy that nourish and soothe us on the deeper levels and direct us from the mundane to more sublime parts of our being, such as loving someone unconditionally or experiencing art, music or poetry. Finally, he will discuss the energy often spoken of by the religions of the world, such as compassion found through silence or meditation that can be experienced and directed into our ‘mind-body’ processes.  This is a free event and open to all students, faculty, staff and the public.

On Monday, May 2 at 6:30 pm,  there will be a screening of the acclaimed film “Dalai Lama Renaissance”  followed by a live concert by Roop Verma (who also composed and provided the soundtrack for the film) and a distinguished ensemble of fellow musicians.  This free event will take place in the Wallace All Faiths Chapel, Fish Interfaith Center, and is open to the campus community and the public.  “Dalai Lama Renaissance” follows the journey of some of the world’s most distinctive thinkers – from nuclear physicists to self-help experts, with narration by actor Harrison Ford – to see the Dalai Lama at his Indian home-in-exile and discuss a way to freedom for Tibet and humanity. The soundtrack flows from the voluntary contribution of a diverse yet serendipitously harmonious group of musical fellow travelers brought together by percussionist and producer Michel Tyabji.” Musicians: Michel Tyabji, music director, producer, composer, arranger and performer; Roop Verma, sitarist and composer, who composed Indian classical and sacred music for the film; Tashi Sharzur, the renoqned singer of traditional Tibetan music, was contributing composer and music consultant.

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