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Dinner with students helps fuel President Doti’s Boston Marathon run

April 26, 2011

Left to right are Christopher Kim (holding Jasper Kim), Randy Rosales, John Stegemeier, Chris Lentini, David Stack, Suzie Shdo, and Jessey Francies.

We’re not sure if it was the pleasure of dining with a dynamic group of Chapman alumni and students, or the pasta served in braised rabbit sauce at a great Italian restaurant. But President Jim Doti reports that despite a cold and bad cough he finished this year’s April 18 Boston Marathon with a time of 4:21.

The evening before the marathon President Doti met up with Christopher Kim, Ph.D., associate professor, Department of Chemistry, Schmid College of Science. Dr. Kim is spending this year as a visiting scholar at Harvard and stays in touch with several alumni doing graduate work in the area. Dr. Kim arranged for a carbo-loading dinner for everyone at a favorite restaurant. The food was “magnifico” and the company inspiring, President Doti reports.

“Each of these students gave me a briefing on the papers that they would be presenting at various science workshops at Harvard that week. Needless to say, I was bubbling with pride hearing of the rigorous nature of their experiments and research findings,” says President Doti.

The students and their research projects include:

  • Randy Rosales ’12, biochemistry, arsenic and mercury mobilization through rainfall runoff at mine sites.
  • John Stegemeier ’10, chemistry, Ph.D. admit, Carnegie-Mellon University, effects of iron oxyhydroxide nanoparticle aggregation on metal adsorption and desorption.
  • Chris Lentini ’06, chemistry, Ph.D. candidate, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University, microbially-mediated iron oxide reduction.
  • David Stack ’10, visual arts, MS ’12, hazards and global environmental change, GIS mapping of arsenic concentrations at mine sites
  • Suzie Shdo ’10, biology arsenic speciation and bioaccessibility in mine wastes through the inhalation pathway.
  • Jessey Francies ’10, biology, ’11 health sciences, leach extractions of arsenic-bearing mine wastes.
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