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Democracy in Africa topic of Faculty Forum

April 4, 2011

Speaking at Tuesday’s, April 5, noon Faculty Forum, will be Jean G. Tompihé, Ph.D., lecturer in Peace Studies and Political Science, Wilkinson College, on the topic, “When Does Democracy Involve Co-ethnics and Generate Ethnic Civil War in Africa?”

“Mobilization in the name of “blood and belonging” is recurrent in African elections,” says Dr.  Tompihé. “Yet for every democracy-related ethnic mobilization, many peaceful transfers of power have occurred and transcended ethnicity. While deep culture, the group’s structures, and manipulation by Big Man ethnic elites are conventionally used as causes, I argue that if the interconnected set of institutions stemming from the colonial legacy and the preexisting ethnic configurations contributed to the emergence of independent bureaucratic rule, peaceful transitions without ethnic mobilizations would be observed.”

The Faculty Forum series is Chapman’s traditional staff/faculty lecture program that pairs stimulating talks with all-you-can-eat Sodexo luncheon buffets. Faculty Forums are held in Beckman Hall 404. Lunch is $5, or you may bring your own.

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