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A warm up for ‘Einstein’s Universe’

February 22, 2011

“Einstein’s Universe,” a series of lecture-performances exploring Einstein’s passion for music and physics comes to Chapman University next week. But you can get a glimpse into the thinking behind this unique program by visiting the Lofty Ambitions blog this week.

Brian Foster, the Oxford professor of physics and amateur violinist who teamed with internationally renowned violinist Jack Liebeck to create the “Einstein’s Universe” project, is a guest blogger at Lofty Ambitions, a project of Chapman’s own Anna Leahy and Doug Dechow. Music and science were intertwined for Einstein, says Foster, who writes: “These two elements weren’t separate watertight compartments in Einstein’s life; rather, each cross-fertilized the other.” Read his entire post at Lofty Ambitions.

“Einstein’s Universe” runs Feb. 28 to March 3. Learn more about the scheduling here.

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