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December 21, 2010

The official Chapman University Twitter handle has been changed to ChapmanUniv, so if you have been accustomed to following ChapmanPR, this is just a note to announce to you that it will change.  You won’t have to do anything if you’re already a follower – you’ll just notice that tweets from Chapman are going to start coming from ChapmanUniv.   We’ve been trying to wrangle the ChapmanU and ChapmanUniv handles back from the people who are squatting on them, and finally succeeded with one of them!  The ChapmanPR handle will quietly be retired (sounds too much like we’re spinning some PR — you think?).

If you’re using or searching for Chapman news on Twitter using the Chapman hashtag, that’s still #ChapmanU, for the moment.

If you’re NOT following Chapman on Twitter, why not start now?  If you are Twitter-averse, or congenitally opposed to doing anything called “tweeting,” you don’t really need to “tweet” – you can just follow.  Twitter is a micro-blog, and news will come to you in 140-character-or-less sentences called tweets.  Why do it?  Because it’s a more immediate and fast source of news than a website, a blog or even Facebook.    Want to get started?  You might even find out it’s addictive!  We get news from all the major news sources on Twitter, sometimes even before it breaks on the Web, and you can even see what topics are “trending” worldwide to find out what’s going on all over this old globe of ours.  Sometimes it’s just “Angelina Jolie” or “margaritas,” and nothing wrong with that, but sometimes it’s urgent news like “earthquake Haiti” or “California mudslides.”

Here’s one tech writer’s good primer on how to get started on Twitter.

And here’s BusinessWeek’s take on “Why We Tweet.”

 Follow ChapmanUniv – and why not tweet about it?

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