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Zipcars zooming to Chapman!

October 18, 2010
Look for Zipcars similar to these to arrive at Chapman.

Chapman University got a little greener today as it launched a new partnership with Zipcar Inc., providing the campus with access to a leading car-sharing service. The convenient transportation option is now available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to all students, faculty and staff members ages 18 and older.

Zipcar is an environmentally friendly transportation alternative; each Zipcar takes about 15 to 20 privately owned vehicles off the road by serving people who only occasionally need a car for off-campus activities and errands.

Gas, 180 miles per day, insurance, reserved parking spots and roadside assistance are included in the hourly and daily Zipcar rates. Cars can be reserved for as short as an hour or for up to four days. Rates on all Chapman vehicles start as low as $8 per hour and $66 per day (24 hours).

The annual membership fee for anyone affiliated with Chapman is only $35, and Chapman applicants receive $35 worth of free driving credit applied toward their first month of driving.  Chapman students, faculty and staff can join at

Cars are self-service; they can be easily reserved and accessed 24 hours a day. Chapman Zipcars will be located in convenient spaces in high-demand areas. Two vehicles will be located on the Chapman campus, in the Orange Lot (parking lot next to the Allred Aquatics Center) and in the student residence hall area near Glass Hall.  Zipcar even offers a fun and functional iPhone app that will honk the horn to locate a Zipcar and unlock the doors for members.

Zipcar has established partnerships with more than 225 universities. For more information, including how to enroll in Zipcar at Chapman University, please visit:

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  1. October 18, 2010 7:44 pm

    ummm. how is that making us more green?
    people who don’t have cars can just carpool, they are not going to buy a car whether or not this service exists. by doing this, students are actually going to rent cars more than carpooling with roommates or taking public transportation to places. Thus, this service is going to make us less green.
    In this economy, I don’t think any student who can’t afford a car is going to use this service. Maybe just those who want to go to la to party or something.

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