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President Doti, Dr. Tollaksen weigh in on OC’s future

October 13, 2010

High-speed rail in OC? Not likely, says President Doti.

To celebrate Sunday’s once-in-a-century milestone, 10-10-10, the Orange County Register asked 10 top thinkers in the county to peer into the future and make 10 predictions for the next 10 years. Of the 10 chosen, two hailed from Chapman University, including President Jim Doti and Jeff Tollaksen, associate professor, School of Computational Sciences, Schmid College of Science.

President Doti was tapped to predict 10 ways the economy will change in 10 years. He suggests the county can look for a return of housing prices but better not hold its breath waiting for high-speed rail.

Quantum computers? Probably, says Dr. Tollaksen.

Dr. Tollaksen was asked to predict 10 ways science will change life in 10 years. The acclaimed theoretical physicist predicted a world that might include everything from whiz-bang gadgets like “cell phones with goggles and heads-up display” to profound new ways of studying what time is, including the idea that the future may be relevant to the past. Dr. Tollaksen expanded on his thoughts in an in-depth piece included in the Sunday package titled 10 Years Ahead in Physics.

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