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Deals for parking your wheels; C-Park auctions continue

August 27, 2010

You don't have to wrestle Pete for a premium parking space. Just cast a bid in the C-Park auction.

You didn’t hear the auctioneer’s gavel or see a bevy of frantic bidders waving plastic paddles in the air around campus this week. But there was plenty of online activity as the Chapman community began bidding in the C-Park auctions.

Initial bids have been placed for reserved campus parking spaces and for spaces in the new Villa Park Orchard Lot (VPO), which are quite the deal at a starting bid of $50. And beginning Monday at 9:30 a.m., the prices will begin to drop. What’s up with that? Well, the C-Park auctions are falling-price auctions, or Dutch auctions. Participants benefit from the market dynamic of seeing prices fall rather than rise as more bidders enter the auction. For example, those VPO permits started at $50 and could – most likely will! – go down.

Winners of a reserved space may choose to locate this space in Lastinger, Barerra, or, if the winner is a faculty member, in Hashinger.

The auction for the Argyros Lot opens Thursday, Sept. 2.   So get ready – as those of you who were here last year know, the folks who bid on the Argyros Lot got a fantastic deal – it went for only $20 over the baseline parking price, and for that, the permit-holders got access to a lot that offered opportunities for extremely convenient parking.  We can’t guarantee the same results this year, of course, but you can never tell with auctions.

As announced last week, the Lastinger Structure will not be part of the auction this year.  Access to Lastinger will be granted to those purchasing the standard $290 parking permit.

Visit the C-Park website at for more information and a helpful tutorial on how to bid.

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