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Campus Confidential, Aug. 12, 2010

August 12, 2010

* What’s the new Orange Plaza buzz?  We’re hearing questions about the sign posted in the Filling Station window that reads, “Public Notice of Application for Ownership Change.” Are we going to lose our beloved breakfast and lunch spot?

After asking around, we’ve come up with a simple answer: the only change will be in ownership.  “The new owner has agreed to keep all employees as well as the same menu,” said a waitress at the restaurant.  Good news for local foodies.

* What’s up with the trees — or rather, lack thereof — on the south end of Memorial Hall?  Walking past the other day on Palm, it suddenly struck us that there seemed to be a distinct lack of the accustomed foliage around the Palm-side entrance — and some suspicious-looking sawdusty spots on the ground.  Staffers in the building have been asking, too, so we went right to the source: Kris Olsen, vice president of campus planning and operations.   He told us: “The tree removal was part of the Memorial Hall exterior restoration plan that we are implementing over the next ten months.  These trees were in declining health and were diseased; they also were in the way of a code required widening of the fire lane that doubles as the south walkway entrance to Memorial Hall.  Landscape and trees will be enhanced/replaced as the plan moves forward.”

So there you have it.

Dean Bill Hall

* Who is the owner of that mellifluous voice you hear when you’re put on telephone hold at Chapman?  None other than Dr. Bill Hall, dean of the College of Performing Arts, who’s heard on the on-hold loop asking for your patience as you while away the moments, and also introducing beautiful music performed by CoPA ensembles and soloists.  Yup, the old on-hold music was pretty deadly (we wonder — did playing twelve-tone music chase away on-hold callers…or just  annoy them to distraction?).

Luckily, the new on-hold music is much livelier — and, combined with Dean Hall’s friendly voice,  likelier to leave callers in a better mood!

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