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New Chapman initiative will give students a healthy dose of information

August 10, 2010

By Sarah Van Zanten

Every Chapman University student remembers spending hours in front of his or her computer at the beginning of the Chapman experience, learning all about the potential dangers of drugs, alcohol, partying, drunken driving, sexual assault and many other important topics for incoming freshmen and transfers.

“Alcohol Edu really educated me on alcohol consumption and helped me make smart decisions throughout my college years,” said Corey Hansen ’11.  “But I wish it hadn’t all been online. I’m excited to see how the new program works.”

The new program is called Healthy Panther Initiative, and it’s a three-part effort that aims to help students learn to make healthy decisions to reach their personal and academic potential at Chapman.

Part one of the program is called  Choicepoints Lite, an interactive Powerpoint presentation covering many topics that might affect college students, including  alcohol, drugs, relationships, safe sex, nutrition, healthy sleep habits and other paths to staying physically healthy. Sessions are scheduled during Orientation.

After the presentation, students receive an e-mail with a follow-up survey to assist in collecting data about student behaviors, health habits and perceptions.

Then, after students start to experience life at Chapman, another follow-up survey will help track student opinions on the Healthy Panther Initiative.

“The program is designed to help students reach their goals.  We discuss some problems that can occur and provide resources to help if they come across any of these issues,” said Dani Smith, director of PEER and Health Education at Chapman University.  “We hope the program helps students make good decisions and stay healthy and on track.”

More information is available at the Healthy Panther Initiative website or by e-mailing

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