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Last chance for ‘New, Used, Borrowed’ at Guggenheim Gallery

July 29, 2010

Graphic design majors Anton Warkentin ’12 and Emily Astbury ’11 study artwork in "New, Used, Borrowed" exhibit.

By Sarah Van Zanten

“New, Used, Borrowed,” an eclectic exhibit at Guggenheim Gallery, is near the end of its run!  The exhibition closes Friday, July 30, after a nearly month-long showing at the Moulton Center at Chapman University. The exhibit can be seen noon to 5 p.m.  Go and have some fun before it’s gone!

“The opening was great, we had around 150 people, and have had more come in all month.  It’s very nice to have lots of people see the exhibit,” said David Michael Lee, a member of the art department faculty and Chapman staff.

Eight artists joined with Lee to put on the exhibit.  They were stuck without a  theme to connect the artists, and they figured their pieces were so different that a show was unworkable.  After some thinking they came up with a solution.

Each of the eight artists entered three pieces — a “new” piece they created for this exhibit, one that was purchased or “used” for something in their private life, and one piece they “borrowed” from someone whose work they admire.

Lee asked graphic design major Anton Warkentin ’12 to create the catalog for the exhibition. Both Warkentin and Emily Astbury ’11, also a graphic design major, are working at Chapman University over the summer and enjoy being able to go to the gallery to see the artwork.

“All the artists have had friends come in to see the exhibition and it has helped to make it a success,” Lee said.

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