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Dinosaurs ready for their 3-D close-up with Evergreen Films

July 23, 2010

The likes of these will be coming to 3-D life soon at Evergreen Films.

Dinosaurs and 3-D filmmaking, two sure-bet ingredients that fire up our collective imaginations, will come together in a new feature-length film from Evergreen Films, the cutting-edge production company of Chapman alumnus John Copeland ’73.

Evergreen has teamed with BBC Worldwide to create an as-yet-untitled feature-length 3-D film about the ancient creatures, with release projected for 2012.

“For the first time viewers are going to really get to experience how big these animals were. In 3-D you get a sense of their size and mass and the space that they occupied,” says Copeland, whose company has produced numerous film and television features, including the award-winning Icy Killers: Secrets of Alaska’s Salmon shark, and Man Created Dog, both for the National Geographic Channel, which airs  Man Created Dog on Aug. 8.

Dinosaurs are especially fun to bring to 3-D life for young viewers because “They never go out of favor. … They’re monsters that can’t hurt us today,” Copeland says.

See a Variety story about the project, made through BBC Earth, the natural history brand of BBC International.

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