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Adam Doti summits Denali!

July 1, 2010

The Chapman pennant and Adam Doti atop Mount McKinley.

We can now announce that the high-climbing Chapman University pennant has successfully summited another of the world’s tallest peaks!  And, more important, everyone who accompanied it lived to tell of the adventure.  Adam Doti, son of President Jim Doti, reached the top of 20,320-foot Mt. Denali on June 23, and is now safely back down from the tallest peak in North America – a tremendous accomplishment that the experienced adventurer says was one of the most difficult things he’s ever done in his life. Congratulations, Adam!!  We have one proud dad here at Chapman!

The pennant has now been to the peaks of six of the Seven Summits, with only Australia’s Mount Kosciuszko to go!  It has been carried on these journeys by two bold father-son teams: Jim and Adam Doti and Chapman friends John and Ryan Dahlem (who also carried it to another wicked high peak, Cho Oyo in the Himalayas).  That weathered but well-traveled pennant will very soon be back on display in the Doti-Struppa Mountaineering Alcove in the Leatherby Libraries.

Read President Doti’s compelling Denali Expedition Log, a meditation on father-son bonding, knowledge of one’s own limits, mathematical problems (see if you can solve it!), flaming underwear and the literal passing of a flag, in the Orange County Register, and see more photos.

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