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His shelves runneth over with cups

June 21, 2010

Tennessee or bust!

So it turns out there’s a good reason to be a bit of a pack rat.

Chris Hutchison, director for Student Civic Engagement and the Department of Student and Campus Life, cleaned boxes out of his garage recently and came across an old Chapman stadium cup he guessed to be maybe eight years old. Naturally he didn’t toss it — and a good thing, too. A couple of days later a unique hobbyist in Tennessee called with a special request – Did Chapman have any old stadium cups kicking around? It seemed the university had stopped selling them.

Burts Compton, an engineer for Eastman Chemical Company in Tennessee, has collected stadium cups since 1982, his sophomore year of college. Now Compton’s collection numbers in the thousands and represents 824 schools, with multiple cups from many. They’re displayed in his basement — by order of Compton’s wife — and arranged by conference. See a few at his website here.

But darn those recent NCAA conference reorganizations.

“That’s kind of a pain. I’m going to have to re-do everything,” Compton says with a chuckle.

Meanwhile, the Chapman cup is on its way to Compton’s collection, and Hutchison’s garage is a little neater.

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