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Call for events!

June 17, 2010

Deans, department chairs, club officers, public information officers and others who are planning or promoting Chapman events for this fall: the PR office is working on a flyer which will be available at the Summer Concert Series – to a local and very motivated audience of several thousand – that will include a selection of the top fall public events on campus: performances, lectures, films and more.

So if you have an event that will be open to the public – and you have all the details – please add it NOW to the online event calendar (by submitting via the form at  Be sure to include the time, date, location, admission cost, and a good description.  Important: all events must also include a phone number and/or email that the PUBLIC can contact (so don’t make it your private contact info unless you want to be the one answering questions – better to make it a department number or representative…).  

The first Summer Concert is July 23, so they’re working on this flyer right now – don’t miss out on this important way to get word out about your event!  Please don’t email the info – you need to submit it to the calendar via the online form, and flyer events will be selected from the online calendar according to their appeal to a broad audience.  The better and more compelling your event description, the better chance it has to make it onto the summer flyer!   And remember – in any case, the moment you have an event all planned out and nailed down, be sure to submit it to the online calendar.

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