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Drummy honored at staff brunch

June 4, 2010

Michael Drummy

Be careful when you take a job at Chapman University, Michael Drummy, assistant vice chancellor and chief admission officer, told university employees who gathered for today’s Staff Appreciation Awards Ceremony.

“This place can have a hold on you that sometimes you can’t get away from,” said Drummy ’74, who received special recognition at the event for 35 years of service to Chapman.

Drummy recounted how shortly after graduation he was recruited by a basketball buddy to join the admissions staff as a rookie admissions counselor.

“I said I’d work here, but only for one year,” said Drummy, who worked his way through college as a Chapman groundskeeper.

One year came and went, Chapman grew and Drummy met and married Chapman alumna Trish Drummy ’81. Meanwhile, Chapman and its admissions focus changed, too.

“We have absolutely transitioned from being a back-up school for students to being their first school of choice,” he said.

Drummy had a second moment in the limelight at the staff event, as co-star of the annual Doti/Diaz comic video, which included a newsreel spoof this year. Drummy played Sherpa for Behzad Binesh, associate vice president for finance and controller, as the two conquered the stratospheric “summit” of the Beckman Hall stairwell tower, complete with an unfurling of a little Chapman pennant.

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