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New portal to launch soon

May 21, 2010

When we heard about My Window, the new web portal launching here next month, we went looking for a sneak peek. We liked what we saw. The new home page debuts in June for staff and looks pretty organized. And what’s that familiar logo in the upper left corner of the page? Yup, Happenings will be easy to find.

Check it out.  Log in at your campus computer, type in the address bar – leave out the www because you’re already logged in at a campus computer — and you will see the page pretty much as it will look on roll out day.

The goal of My Window is to provide a single point of entry for all the online tools needed to organize calendars, emails, maintain human resources paperwork and share documents. Faculty and student versions will follow.

“Set as your homepage when you log onto your Chapman computer, My Window will provide a common place for the campus community to share and access news, events, announcements, resources, tools and information,” says Shari L Waters, chief information officer for Chapman, who announced the upcoming launch in a letter to all staff Thursday.

The Chapman website will continue to serve the public, but can now be a little more streamlined when a lot of links that pertain only to staff and faculty are moved to My Window, says Jim Jones, manager of web development, who’s been working with other team members to bring the portal on line.

“It’s a portable web-based briefcase,” says Jones. “It’s going to make it quicker to get to the things staff, faculty and students need.”

And there will be plenty of help to get acquainted with the new portal, says Waters.

My Window will be rolled out to staff first, followed by faculty and students. During this time, we will begin holding demonstrations of My Window at various meetings and events to introduce it to you and get your feedback,” Waters wrote.

 Meanwhile, go have a look and let us know what you think.

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