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Is it still raining? Chapman scientists can help with that

May 17, 2010

Dr. Anup K. Prasad, left, and research associate Nikolaos J. Hatzopoulos, manage weather forecasting data at Schmid College of Science.

Did today’s rain catch you off guard, or were you ready with an umbrella because you’re already a fan of Chapman’s customized weather forecast?

Just in case you haven’t noticed, the weather forecast is an ever-ready little feature at the top right-hand side of all our webpages.  The temperature is updated every five minutes. And a high-resolution forecast is just a click away, so you can look ahead to a coastal getaway on Friday or see if your tomato plants at home are enjoying a few more sprinkles this morning.

The up-to-the-minute feature is provided by the Schmid College of Science, Department of Physics, Computational Science and Engineering, along with help from Mandy Thomas and Matt Miller from information systems and technology. Schmid feeds the weather data from its server to the university server and voilà – that’s our shorthand for tricky technology a tad beyond usthe weather forecast refreshes every five minutes.

The weather information is gathered by Schmid as part of the computational science team’s continuing research of meteorological conditions and patterns, data they use to predict the occurrence and paths of fires, flood, hurricanes and other earth hazards.

Managing the data-collecting program at Schmid are Anup K. Prasad, Ph.D., assistant professor, Craig Tremback, Ph.D., visiting professor, and Nikolaos J. Hatzopoulos, research associate, visiting professor.

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